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Data integration

Lots of Data, Stats & Info!?



Most organisations are having the same challenge.

Lots of data from different sources and how best to utilise this intelligence quickly.

  • We have a standard data model called Fabricthis is a universal method to align, combine and simplify complex data from different sources with different update rates and widely varying metrics.


  • We have a Data integration toolbox and experts to connect Fabric to whatever data source and standard we need to work with – API’s, flat-files over FTP, historic data in excel or access, unstructured data via text analytics or video categorisation.


  • Our platform Cosmos then sits on top of the Fabric data layer and provides a rich toolbox of pre-built and customised scorecards, dashboards and push reports – all in a componentised way so that we can build reports for you or allow governed data discovery / self-serve.

The main point is that Cosmos/Fabric is a tried and tested model for simplifying and optimising multi-source data for interactive reporting & discovery.





The Best Sporting Insights



Fuse all Sporting, fitness, medical, injury and performance Data  / stats to help make informed decisions and have unrivalled insights.

Our customised software is also used for CRM, marketing and BI, including real time – run promotions at half time, target your audience.

Which PM & Development team are performing best ?

PMO dashboard


Daily insights into your PMO, Portfolio, project team.

Spot trends, patterns and stay ahead of the project curve.

Consumer, Digital & Social Tracking = Rapid insights

We mine your Data, fuse together ETL into our Data Fabric open source method and create amazing insights

Consumer Tracking

Consumer Tracking



Cosmos Gravity


The Walt Disney company now signed up for our Digital Dashboards

PR, Brand, Marketing Agencies & Market Researchers. Or Data Discovery, Business Intelligence, C suite Executives – have real time information piped to your laptop, phone or large plasma and provide stakeholders with online reporting.










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Agile Analytics – BI Real time Digital Dashboards

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Agile BI

In a rapidly changing market and economy, every business must make informed decisions fast.

Being adaptable and agile as you grow your data warehouse and business intelligence environments is key to success and profitability in a competitive environment.

As companies adopt agile methodologies, they are discovering new ways to make their businesses more nimble, intelligent, and ultimately, more profitable.

In fact, enterprises today are finding that agile applies to everything, from agile organization, to agile DW architecture, to agile modelling.

It all adds up to an enterprise evolution that is faster, more responsive to business needs, and quicker to deliver information and insight for competitive advantage.



Have a great Bank Holiday


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Digital Dashboards


Our clients have a wide range of data assets related to their digital marketing, social media, contact centre metrics and other aspects of their business, perhaps would benefit from a single point of integration and visualization in the form of a summary dashboard.

This integrated dashboard could be used to generate greater awareness of the different data streams and encourage staff to bring the information into their daily business decision making process.

By deploying a combined dashboard system on to large-screen TV’s,  on-site communication of real time data (to a wide audience)  is an option.  Further to this the same dashboard is available to power users via desktop PC’s  / tablets or phones in a data-discovery / drilldown mode to find insights.

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Connecting the Dots to drive change & opportunity


Your business has lots of data so how are you connecting the dots to discover new opportunities?………Many clients are asking how to integrate / fuse all their Data and turn into a competitive asset.

By integrating  CRM, customer surveys, MR  and sales data with Social, web and mobile you can improve  marketing, product positioning,  content and ecommerce performance. In fact you can drive your whole digital and marketing strategy by using YOUR OWN  information.

After integration and fusing  our interface shreds then pipes intuitive visualisations / dashboards to any device on a personalised basis, giving each user or stakeholder their own metrics to share and discover.

By having rapid actionable insights you can  stay ahead of the curve and have a significant ROI.

The Consulting Pool


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