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Consumer, Digital & Social Tracking = Rapid insights

We mine your Data, fuse together ETL into our Data Fabric open source method and create amazing insights

Consumer Tracking

Consumer Tracking



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The Walt Disney company now signed up for our Digital Dashboards

PR, Brand, Marketing Agencies & Market Researchers. Or Data Discovery, Business Intelligence, C suite Executives – have real time information piped to your laptop, phone or large plasma and provide stakeholders with online reporting.










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Agile Analytics – BI Real time Digital Dashboards

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Agile BI

In a rapidly changing market and economy, every business must make informed decisions fast.

Being adaptable and agile as you grow your data warehouse and business intelligence environments is key to success and profitability in a competitive environment.

As companies adopt agile methodologies, they are discovering new ways to make their businesses more nimble, intelligent, and ultimately, more profitable.

In fact, enterprises today are finding that agile applies to everything, from agile organization, to agile DW architecture, to agile modelling.

It all adds up to an enterprise evolution that is faster, more responsive to business needs, and quicker to deliver information and insight for competitive advantage.



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Connecting the Dots to drive change & opportunity


Your business has lots of data so how are you connecting the dots to discover new opportunities?………Many clients are asking how to integrate / fuse all their Data and turn into a competitive asset.

By integrating  CRM, customer surveys, MR  and sales data with Social, web and mobile you can improve  marketing, product positioning,  content and ecommerce performance. In fact you can drive your whole digital and marketing strategy by using YOUR OWN  information.

After integration and fusing  our interface shreds then pipes intuitive visualisations / dashboards to any device on a personalised basis, giving each user or stakeholder their own metrics to share and discover.

By having rapid actionable insights you can  stay ahead of the curve and have a significant ROI.

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Annuity, Wealth Platform, Property, Cash or red Ferrari?



This week George Osbourne  has given the green light to radical pension changes first announced in the March Budget.

From April 2015 investors will have unprecedented freedom over how they take money from their pensions – they’ll even be able to take the whole fund as cash from age 55. The first 25% should be tax free with the rest subject to income tax.

In my view, this is probably the most important pension news ever. It could affect every pension investor and create huge opportunity for companies wishing to enter the over 55s market.

We will be running a survey next month  to see what people will do with their pension pot. Through digital channels, IFA enquiries  and Market Research interviews the results  / insights will be ‘reported’ through our dashboard portal.

The Consulting Pool

Wearable & Predictive Data Analytics software


Wearable,  Data Analytics, Dashboards, Digital, Consulting, Biometrics

Wearable & Predictive analytics / Business Intelligence software.

In the near future we will all be wearing smart watches / wearable technology   which will monitor our Biometrics (heart rate, sweat) movement, shopping behaviour, social media habits and workout regimes.

From this Data real time analytics (via a dashboard)  will be able to report on all of these metrics which will be used to reduce life insurance, develop better training methods, assess a sales force, monitor NHS – doctors, nurses and improve processes & look at your shopping behaviour.

It will also help to improve predictive analytics and work out someone’s future buying habits – this is the Utopia for Marketing agents / departments, especially with iBeacon technology – where your IPhone will provide a map of which shop floor  /  Aisle you are on and relevant offers will be sent to your phone…Then pay via your phone….This is the near future.

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